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Ethically Sourced Cosmetic Ingredients

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Bringing you the best organic skincare & supplies

We have been selling organic and natural beauty products for over a decade, our raw materials are exclusively sourced.
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Explore our range of chemicals, including a large collection of botanical extracts, active ingredients, carrier oils, natural emulsifiers, preservatives and much more.
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Why choose us

Urchidamas Resources is one of the Nigeria‚Äôs leading providers of organic beauty, chemical and natural skincare. We sell ethically sourced cosmetic ingredients ‚ÄĒ many of them organic. As well as giving you access to natural, raw materials with transparent supply chains and realistic benefits. Urchidamas is unique in that it‚Äôs a home for both individuals and institutions, it acts as a one-stop-shop for 7000+ ingredients.

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With over 7000 available natural cosmetic ingredients, chemicals including a wide range of carrier oils and essential oils, plus equipment and cosmetic containers. Urchidamas Resources stocks everything you need to create your very own range of delightful natural skincare, hair, bath and body products.

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